Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cyclops Savages: 1 - Me: 1

Well, these Cyclops Savages are proving to be a real pain. I've finally got one assembled, after a little gap filling it will be ready to prime.

The second Savage however is just completely messed up. I have the right arm and the hands/weapon piece assembled but the left arm piece isn't going to fit. It's so far off that I can't just get it close and then fill in some gaps with greenstuff and do some minor sculpting to make it look right. This fix is going to have to involve cutting the arm apart and using wire and greenstuff to completely reshape the angle of the arm.

I was considering dropping one of the Savages for a Krea on the way to 500 points and this is probably going to make the decision for me.

I did finish painting Morghoul. I've finished a base for him too but the slot isn't big enough so I'll need to file Morghoul's tab to get him to fit. I'm not going with the normal red/black/gold color scheme that is normal for Skorne. I've decided to go with a green/white/silver/gold scheme instead. I'll try to get some pictures posted soon to show my progress.

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  1. The Savages have two poses. The one is fairly easy to match up. However the other is wonky and to ake it work I had to cut the one arm into three pieces to reposition.