Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Wet Pallet

My first attempts at painting didn't go so well and mostly it was because of the paint. I was using a plastic pallet at the time and when I would put the paint on the pallet I would only have about 10 or 15 minutes before it would start drying out. Then I heard about wet pallets. I found out how to make one and it's worked wonders.

I can work with the same paints for days at a time. The only issue is after a day of non-use the paint and water that I mix with it start to separate but after a little bit of re-mixing the paint is good to go again. The best part: You can make one for under $5.

This is what you'll be putting your paint on. You can find it in the grocery store for less than $2 a roll. Make sure you don't get wax paper; wax paper stops all moisture and it won't work for a wet pallet.

This is a cheap pencil/pen holder I got from the dollar store. You could use a lot of different things; those reusable Gladware containers would work good. Whatever you use make sure it doesn't leak and I would use something with a lid.

To use your wet pallet you need to take some paper towels and fold them to fit in the bottom of your container. For mine I use two paper towels folded in half which gives me four layers of paper towels at the bottom. After that just add water. You want to use enough to make sure the entire paper towel is soaked and then add just a little extra. Finally, cut a piece of parchment paper to fit in your container and put it on top of the paper towels. The paper will curl up at the edges; all you need to do is push them down a few times and they'll stay down. That's it. Happy painting!