Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Alive...

When I first started this blog the one thing I wanted to make sure I did was keep it up to date.  The best blogs are the blogs that update on a regular basis, in my opinion.   Real life however, as it frequently does, had a different plan in mind.

The main thing that happened was that I was involved in a car wreck.  Everyone is fine, which is the most important thing, but my car isn't.  I have a totalled car and live(d) 50 miles from where I work.  That was obviously a problem so I had to move with no advanced notice which was a real pain.  Now most of that stuff is getting straightened out but I had to put my gaming purchaces on hold due to the unexpected financial expense.  I did finally order my copy of Metamorphosis and it should be here by tomorrow or Friday.

I have mixed feelings about what I've been hearing.  It sounds as though the Skorne didn't get just a nudge in the right direction, but got shoved into Awesome Land. The new stuff looks really exciting and very powerful.  That's the problem though.  I've always been a fan of the underdog, that was one of the reasons I chose the Skorne to begin with.  Now, without having put in my time when they were weak, it looks like the Skorne are going to be very competitive.

I wanted to play an army that people didn't get to play often and now it seems like the Skorne could become very popular, at least for awhile as people try out the new stuff.  Since I'm apprehensive now I'm wondering if I should wait and see how things pan out for a bit.  If I'm going to bail for another army I'd rather do it when I'm only $40 in instead of spending more money that will end up being wasted.

On a positive note my girlfriend seems interested in playing.  She read the descriptions of the armies and the two that sounded interesting to her were the Cryx and the Circle Orboros; she's got good taste.  I think she's leaning more towards Circle at the moment.  Once she decides I'll order the warpack for her and we'll get some boxed games in.  I thinks she's going to try her hand at painting too, but I'll probably assemble them for her because for me that is the least fun and most frustrating thing to do and I don't want her getting turned off before she even gets to play a game.